Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Common Issue No One Wants to Talk About

Many men suffer in silence due to the sexual stigma of male sexual dysfunction. Male sexual dysfunction (MSD) can take a variety of forms. The main forms of MSD include:

According to R. Rosen (2000), MSD affects approximately 31% of males with incidence increasing with age. The most common MSD type in male is premature ejaculation with a 30% incidence.

Causes of MSD include:

Other causes can be psychological in nature which may include:

Ways to treat this condition include testosterone replacement therapy, prescription of medications that help improve blood flow to the penis like Viagra and Cialis, psychologic therapy if needed, mechanism aids like penile vacuums, and peptides like PT-141. Other things that may help improve MSD is no smoking and drinking as well as eating healthy meals and exercising.If you are experiencing these symptoms, there is no shame in that. The only shame would be if you are not seeking help to improve your quality of life. So, do not allow the stigma of today’s society to affect your decisions. Take control of your life and get the help you need to be able to improve your quality of life and your sexual performance.


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