Jeila S Pujols DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Founder/Lead Provider

Dr. Pujols is a family board-certified nurse practitioner passionate in the provision of holistic care to patients with an approach in the prevention of disease processes and the use of lifestyle modifications to achieve goals. Dr. Pujols graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice. She has a background in nephrology managing hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, and more in both acute and chronic settings but due to her passion in nutrition and disease prevention, she realized obesity played an immense role as a causative factor for many disease processes resulting in kidney failure. For this reason, she decided to make the focus of her career in disease prevention and maintenance through obesity management. She is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and has participated in extensive research and education in obesity management, IV vitamin and peptide usage, and hormone optimization to be able to provide the best quality service to the community.

Orland Mata Cruz, MSN, APRN, CNN-NP, FNP-C


Mr. Mata is a board-certified family and nephrology nurse practitioner since 2016. Mr. Mata has a passion for preventative care and obesity management with a goal of preventing and managing chronic diseases through weight loss. After working for several years in the acute setting providing life-sustaining services, he realized that his passion is in preventing the occurrence of those diseases and conditions. In order to better serve the community, he decided to undergo extensive research and education in health prevention and maintenance; not only to prevent disease but to improve quality of life at maximum extension. Mr. Mata believes that keeping a healthy community through weight management, IV vitamin infusions, and hormonal optimization can help reduce preventable diseases as well as prevent hospitalizations in already overflowed institutions.

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