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Based in Avon Park, Florida; Miami, Florida; and Online; Orion Health & Wellness Services is a direct provider of medically-supervised weight loss clinics, health and wellness products and services, as well as aesthetics enhancement clinics.

With 3 company-owned locations strategically located across the best spots in Florida, Orion Health & Wellness Services prides itself on its evidence-based approach to medical weight loss through clinical trials for weight loss.

Meet The Providers

Jeila S Pujols Founder

Jeila Pujols


Founder - Lead Provider

Dr. Pujols is a family board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in holistic care, disease prevention, and weight loss through an approach to lifestyle changes.

She’s a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Doctor of Nursing Practice, she has extensive nephrology expertise, particularly in hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, and other health conditions.

Recognizing obesity’s role in kidney failure and numerous diseases, she pivoted her career towards weight loss. Her decision was driven by ambitious long-term disease prevention health goals.

As a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Pujols is greatly experienced in weight loss, hormone optimization, and providing the best quality service.

Orland Mata


Founder - Provider

Since 2016, Dr. Mata has been a board-certified family nephrology nurse practitioner. He focuses on preventing chronic diseases through the best weight loss practices.

After years in acute care, in order to better serve the community, he steered his career towards direct primary care, disease prevention, and weight loss.

He decided to undergo an extensive educational path with the goal of preventing, advising or managing chronic diseases through weight loss to help change lives. 

Dr. Mata believes that the cornerstone of a healthier lifestyle lies in providing people with the right knowledge, tools and care to prevent diseases before they begin.

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