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Orion Health & Wellness Services

Based in Highlands County, FL, with extended offices in Miami Dade County, FL; and Online (Telehealth); at Orion Health & Wellness Services, we’re the #1 provider of medically supervised weight loss, health, and wellness products and services in Florida, as well as aesthetics enhancement clinics.

With 3 company-owned locations strategically located across the best spots in Florida, at Orion Health & Wellness Services, we pride ourselves on our evidence-based approach to weight loss through clinical trials for weight loss, weight loss retreats, and spas around the cities of Avon Park and Sebring, FL.

Orion Health & Wellness Services Florida

Meet The Providers

At Orion Health & Wellness Services, our local Florida weight loss experts bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and compassion to every patient encounter. Harnessing the latest advancements in the industry, they design individualized plans, ensuring that each patient’s journey towards a healthier self is both effective and sustainable.

Jeila S Pujols Founder of Orion Health & Wellness Services

Jeila Pujols


Founder - Lead Provider

Dr. Pujols is a family board-certified nurse practitioner specializing, above all, in holistic care, disease prevention, and weight loss through an approach to lifestyle changes, that is.

She’s a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Doctor of Nursing Practice, she has extensive nephrology expertise, particularly in hypertension, diabetic kidney disease, and other health conditions.

Recognizing obesity’s role in kidney failure and numerous diseases, as a result, she pivoted her career towards weight loss. Her decision was driven by ambitious long-term disease prevention health goals.

In short, as a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Pujols is greatly experienced in weight loss, hormone optimization, and providing the best quality service.

Orland Mata Cruz Co-Founder of Orion Health & Wellness Services

Orland Mata


Founder - Provider

Since 2016, Dr. Mata has been a board-certified family nephrology nurse practitioner. Above all, he focuses on preventing chronic diseases through the best weight loss practices.

After years in acute care, in order to better serve the community, that is to say, he steered his career towards direct primary care, disease prevention, and weight loss.

As a result, he decided to undergo an extensive educational path with the goal of preventing, advising, or managing chronic diseases through weight loss to help change lives. 

Dr. Mata believes that the cornerstone of a healthier lifestyle lies in providing people with the right knowledge, tools and care to prevent diseases before they begin.

Frequent Asked Questions

Health and wellness are intertwined concepts representing one’s overall state of well-being. While health focuses on the absence of disease and the body’s physical condition, wellness is a broader term that includes physical, mental, and social aspects, promoting a balanced and fulfilling life.

Health typically refers to the physical state of the body, being free from illness or injury. Wellness, on the other hand, encompasses not only physical health but also emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and occupational well-being, emphasizing the overall quality of life and holistic well-being.

Health and wellness are vital because they influence the quality and length of one’s life. A state of good health allows individuals to function optimally, whereas a holistic approach to wellness ensures a balanced, fulfilling life, enhancing emotional and mental resilience, and promoting a sense of purpose and well-being.

To improve health and wellness: adopt a balanced diet; engage in regular physical activity; manage stress through relaxation techniques; prioritize sleep; foster social connections; avoid tobacco, excessive alcohol, and harmful substances; and seek routine medical check-ups and health screenings.

A health and wellness coach is a trained professional who helps individuals achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals. They provide guidance, support, and education, empowering clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes for improved overall well-being.

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